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Arizona Administrative Register | 2017 - Volume 23 | Issue 20
May 19, 2017

Disclaimer: The 2017 paper version of the Arizona Administrative Register as printed and released by the Office of the Secretary of State is the official version under Arizona law. Therefore each online issue has not been electronically authenticated since it is not considered the official version.

Research: To research whether or not an agency has published rulemakings in the Register, look at the Index at the end of the latest issue. The page number will be listed. See also the online logbook for filings and Register issue dates by agency.

The Register files require a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Contents of this Issue

Information 1344

Rulemaking Guide 1345

Rules and Rulemaking
Proposed Rulemaking, Notices of

1 A.A.C. 6 Governor’s Regulatory Review Council 1347

9 A.A.C. 16 Department of Health Services - Occupational Licensing 1360

Other Agency Notices
Docket Opening, Notices of Rulemaking

1 A.A.C. 6 Governor’s Regulatory Review Council 1376

21 A.A.C. 7 Department of Child Safety - Child Welfare Agency Licensing 1377

Proposed Delegation Agreement, Notices of

Department of Environmental Quality 1378

Substantive Policy Statement, Notices of Agency

Department of Environmental Quality 1380

Governor’s Office
Governor’s Executive Orders

E.O. 2017-02: Internal Review of Administrative Rules; Moratorium to Promote Job Creation
and Customer-Service-Oriented Agencies 1381

Governor’s Proclamations

American Indian Disabilities Awareness Day 1383

Arizona Adult Literacy Week 1383

Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month 1384

Arizona Celtic Month 1384

Arizona Myeloma Awareness Week 1385

Arizona Non-Profit Leader Day 1385

Arizona Problem Gambling Awareness Month 1386

Arizona State Parks and Trails Day 1386

Arizona Small Business Day 1387

Arizona Small Business Development Centers Day 1387


Register Index Ledger 1389

Rulemaking Action, Cumulative Index for 2017 1390

Other Notices and Public Records, Cumulative Index for 2017 1394


Rules Effective Dates Calendar 1396

Register Publishing Deadlines 1398

Governor’s Regulatory Review Council

Governor’s Regulatory Review Council Deadlines 1399