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2012 Presidential Preference Election ~ February 28, 2012

Presidential Preference Election Results

Official Election Canvass of Results PDF

Hand Count Results

Precinct Level Results by County
(File formats supplied by county)

PPE Candidate Information

Listing of Green Party Candidates - Official Ballot Order

Listing of Republican Candidates - Official Ballot Order

Filing Information

PPE Voter Information

Who may vote?

Recognized political parties choose whether to participate in the Presidential Preference Election.  For 2012, only the Green and Republican Parties have opted to participate. The “Open Primary” provision does not apply to the presidential preference elections. [See Attorney General Opinion No. I99-025 (R99-049)]

Last day to register to vote?

You must be registered with either the Green Party or Republican Party by January 30, 2012, at midnight in order to vote in this election.

Early Voting

Early voting begins on February 2, 2012.

PPE Election Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2012.

Additional Information

Important Dates for 2012 Elections
Governor's PPE Proclamation