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2014 What's on My Ballot? Arizona's General Election Guide (Ballot Propositions & Judicial Performance Review)

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Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring:

1. Article II, section 3, Constitution of Arizona, is proposed to be amended as follows if approved by the voters and on proclamation of the Governor:

3. Supreme law of the land; authority to exercise sovereign authority against federal action; use of government personnel and financial resources

Section 3. A. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land TO WHICH ALL GOVERNMENT, STATE AND FEDERAL, IS SUBJECT.






2. The Secretary of State shall submit this proposition to the voters at the next general election as provided by article XXI, Constitution of Arizona.


Proposition 122 would amend the Arizona Constitution to confirm that the state and federal government are subject to the United States Constitution.

Proposition 122 also would provide that Arizona may restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are consistent with the United States Constitution by passing an initiative, referendum or bill or by pursuing any other available legal remedy. The state, counties, cities, towns and other political subdivisions of the state would be prohibited from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with a federal action or program if the people or their representatives have exercised their authority to restrict such action or use.


Each year Congress passes hundreds of laws that make no sense to everyday Arizonans. Federal laws that close the Grand Canyon, lock families off their own land, make it harder to protect abused children, and prevent patients battling cancer from choosing their own doctors simply defy common sense.

Since the Supreme Court holds that federal law preempts state law, we generally have no choice but to comply with federal rules, no matter how ill-conceived.

This does not, however, mean we're required to pay for them.

Politicians in Washington are fond of passing far-reaching laws, but more often than not they depend on state and local governments - and state and local taxpayers - to implement them. This means that not only is Congress making life harder for Arizonans, they're asking us to pay the bill.

That's why a bipartisan majority of the Arizona Legislature came together to pass Prop 122.

If ratified by voters this November, Prop 122 will provide Arizonans with the means to decline using state and local tax dollars to enforce bad federal laws.

Congress and the President can't agree on a budget and decide to close the Grand Canyon? We may not be able to stop them, but under Prop 122 we'd at least be able to insist they use their own federal money and federal employees to close it down.

This is not about liberals and conservatives, or Democrats and Republicans. It's about doing the right thing for Arizona. It's about common sense.

Vote Yes on 122. Vote Yes for Common Sense.

Get Involved at

Jack Biltis, Campaign Chairman - Yes on 122, Phoenix

Paid for by Yes on 122


Which is your least-favorite federal agency? NSA? FDA? IRS?

Nearly everyone today is rightly concerned that the federal government is too intrusive. Whether it’s snooping into our privacy or regulating our lives, the federal government has grown too powerful and unaccountable.

The federal government often enlists states to do their bidding---but what may look like a good deal often turns out badly as federal regulations grow and states end up with the tab. As Darth Vader famously explained to Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back : “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

Other than costly lawsuits, states have few tools to protect their citizens against federal overreach. States cannot nullify federal laws. But there is one thing states can control: their own dollars. Indeed, even when states grow heavily dependent on federal dollars, the Court has limited the federal government’s power to “alter the deal.”

Prop. 122 creates a new tool to protect individuals against federal overreach. When our elected state representatives--or the people themselves--determine that the federal government has overstepped its constitutional boundaries, it will stop the use of state money to further those objectives.

It will not be an easy tool to deploy, requiring either a bill to pass the Legislature or a vote of the people. But when the federal government is out of control, Prop. 122 means it will have to use federal money--not state money--to achieve its objectives.

That will allow Arizonans to use our state funds to support our priorities as we determine them, not as some far-away federal official wants them to be used.

We can put an end to federal coercion over our tax dollars. VOTE YES ON PROP. 122!

Clint Bolick, Vice President for Litigation, Goldwater Institute, Phoenix

Paid for by Barry Goldwater Institute

The arrogance of Washington believing it knows what is best for our community is nonsense. Just because Washington passes a law does not mean Arizona taxpayers should have to pay for it. I support Prop. 122 because it lets Arizonans set our own priorities."

David Schweikert, U.S. Congressman, CD 6, Phoenix

Paid for by Yes on 122

As a member of the Arizona Senate I voted to refer Prop 122 to the ballot, and I encourage all Arizonans to support this common sense measure.

Each year Congress passes laws that are funded not with national tax dollars, but from the budgets of Arizona’s counties, cities and towns. Prop 122 gives us a mechanism to protect Arizona taxpayers and push back against federal overreach by telling Congress to pay for these things out of the federal budget.

Prop 122 is good for taxpayers, good for the separation of powers, and good for Arizona. I urge everyone to join me in voting yes.

Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona State Senator, Lake Havasu City

As Sheriff of Maricopa County, I see firsthand how bad policies from Washington, DC make life more difficult for everyday Arizonans. Federal laws that mandate amnesty for illegal immigrants, and interfere with law abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to own and bear arms simply defy common sense.

What’s worse, the federal government requires Arizonans to pay for many of these bad ideas not out of our federal taxes, but from our own state and local budgets. So money that could be better spent on schools, roads and public safety is instead spent on welfare and gun control.

That’s why I support Prop 122 - a bipartisan, common sense reform that will give Arizonans back control over our own state and local budgets. I commend the bipartisan majority of the Arizona Legislature that referred this proposition to the ballot, and I urge every Arizonan to vote yes on Prop 122.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Phoenix

Paid for by Yes on 122

Vote YES on Proposition 122

The executive branch of the federal government continues to act lawlessly. Instead of upholding the United States Constitution and the rule of law, the President and his administration govern by way of political whim rather than within the confines of statutory authority. The executive branch picks and chooses which laws it will enforce and which it will ignore. The executive branch has instituted thousands of rules and regulations which have the force of law, but which have no authorizing statute to buttress the validity of such enforcement. Finally, the executive branch has blatantly and repeatedly broken laws and violated the Constitution. Some would equate such actions to tyranny−others, to treason. The Founding Fathers of the United States envisioned a pure federalist system of governing. A central government was important, but the United States Constitution left most power in the hands of the governed, and to the several States. It is long past time the executive branch uphold its duty to enforce the laws prescribed by the Congress of the United States, and cease any unnecessary or unlawful interference with State and local business. The Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 was a strong move to restrain the federal government from imposing overly burdensome unnecessary costs on state and local government, or to the private sector. But given the current regulatory and legal climate, we now see that more reforms are necessary to further restrain the unilateral actions of the federal government, especially with regard to the imposition of rules and regulations upon States, local governments, and private industry. It is time for Arizonans to send a clear message to the federal bureaucracy that Washington cannot, and must not, implement illegal or unfunded mandates which increasingly burden our citizenry.

Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S., District 4, Prescott

Paid for by Yes on 122

As a Pinal County Supervisor, I see firsthand how ill conceived, and overreaching federal laws can adversely impact Arizona taxpayers. Many of these laws are paid for not out of the federal budget , but instead have their costs passed on to already overstretched state and local governments.

 Proposition 122 creates a mechanism through which, either by an act of the Legislature or a vote of the people, we can stop this and  make the federal government pay its own bills. This is good for taxpayers, good for Pinal County, and good for Arizona.

 I wholeheartedly support Proposition 122 and encourage each Arizona voter to join me in voting yes .

Cheryl Chase, Supervisor, District Two, Pinal County, Florence

Paid for by Yes on 122

As a Member of the United States Congress, I hold sacred the solemn oath I took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In recent years, federal overreach and judicial activism have often become the domestic enemies of the United States Constitution. A prime victim has been the 10th Amendment, which states that, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people".

One of the best ways keep Washington from overtaking every aspect of our lives is by asserting our State's rights to control our own tax dollars and personnel by pushing back when the federal government mandates programs, and then burdens the States with funding and enforcing them.

When Washington and the Obama Administration ignore the Constitution and mandate dangerous and unconstitutional programs that hurt Arizona businesses and citizens, we have a right and a duty to fight back. Proposition 122 gives the people of Arizona a powerful tool to do just that.

Congressman Trent Franks, Chairman, Subcommittee on the Constitution, United States Congress, Glendale

Paid for by Yes on 122

I support Proposition 122 because it establishes a sound mechanism to push back against federal overreach and protect Arizona taxpayers.

Each year Congress, the President, and the federal bureaucracy create thousands of ill-conceived programs, rules and regulations that make it harder for Arizonans to live, work and raise a family. What’s worse, the federal government often mandates that Arizona and its counties and municipalities fund these programs and enforce these rules.

Prop 122 won’t stop Washington from passing intrusive, unfair and counterproductive laws, but it will allow us to make the federal government fund and enforce them itself. Arizona taxpayers already pay their fair share of federal taxes; state and local taxes should be used for Arizona priorities, not to pay for more federal programs.

Supporting Prop 122 is just common sense. I hope all Arizonans will join me in voting yes on November 4.

Mark Brnovich, Republican candidate for Attorney General, Phoenix

Paid for by Yes on 122

Yes on 122. Protect Arizona Taxpayers!

Washington politicians routinely waste the tax dollars of hard-working Arizonans, spending our money to fund ineffective programs and to pay Beltway bureaucrats to create thousands of new regulations every year that hurt our families and small businesses.

That’s bad enough. But then the Washington politicians and bureaucrats add insult to injury. They not only expect Arizona citizens and governments to comply with federal regulations: they also use our own state and local governments - and use our own state and local tax dollars -- to implement those regulations!

Under federal case law, Arizona citizens and Arizona governments can’t stop Washington politicians from passing crazy laws. But nothing in the U.S. Constitution or federal case law compels us to pay for federal spending boondoggles or job-killing federal regulations with state and local tax dollars.

In 2013, a bipartisan majority of the Arizona Legislature referred Prop 122 to the November 2014 ballot. If we vote Yes on Prop 122 in November (or by early mail-in ballot in October), we will empower state and local governments in Arizona to reject the use of state and local tax dollars on wasteful federal spending projects or on the enforcement of burdensome federal regulations.

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-Arizona), and its predecessor organization, the Arizona Federation of Taxpayer Associations, have been fighting for the rights of Arizona taxpayers, consumers and producers since 1984.

On behalf of our 75,000-plus Arizona members, AFP-Arizona ( urges you to vote YES on 122 , and to vote YES for fiscal responsibility!

For Liberty and Prosperity,

Tom Jenney, Arizona Director, Americans for Prosperity, Phoenix

Bill Fathauer, Policy Manager, Americans for Prosperity, Tempe

Paid for by Tom Jenney

Why We Are Doing This

My wife Leigh and I are the main financial sponsors of Prop 122. Hopefully, the campaign made the case for why Prop 122 is good for both Arizona and our country. Leigh and I wanted to tell you why we’ve mortgaged our house to get Prop 122 in front of our fellow Arizonans.

We’re originally from Canada and we’ve seen what happens when government grows out of control. Canada used to be a great place to live but the government grew to the point that it eventually drove a lot of families and businesses away. We didn’t lose our freedom in an overnight revolution. It happened one law at a time.

We saw the Canadian bureaucrats deny Leigh’s father a drug he needed to prevent him from bleeding to death after a surgery.   While they acknowledged he would die overnight without the drug, the government office that approved these expenses wouldn’t open until 9:00am the next day.  We begged the hospital to charge us directly but they said it was illegal because it wouldn’t be “fair” to people that couldn’t afford to buy it.

We have made it our mission to stop this from happening in this great country that has warmly adopted us. We are so grateful to America and the opportunities it has provided. We’ve truly lived the American dream, building a nice business and a great family with two beautiful but precocious boys.

Unfortunately, we are starting to see the same dark clouds form that we once saw in Canada. We were lucky to escape to the US. If we lose our freedom here, we have no place to go. We love the United States and couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t do everything we could to fight for her.

Leigh and Jack Biltis, Scottsdale

Paid for by Yes on 122

When a child is murdered, the public has a right to know if that death could have been prevented. Arizona’s Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for investigating abused children, but sometimes CPS makes a mistake and a child dies. Too often, though, the public will never know because CPS refuses to release information.

How can they do this? They hide behind a federal law that CPS says gives them the right to keep their investigations secret.

I have fought to reform CPS for many years and we have made some huge strides, but we cannot allow any agency to use a federal law to cover up terrible mistakes. I support prop. 122 because it is a tool we can use to shine a light on how investigations went wrong and children ended up as victims.

I urge you to vote for Prop. 122 because it will make government more accountable.

Kirk Adams, Former Speaker, Arizona House of Representatives, Mesa

Paid for by Yes on 122

I support Prop 122 because we need to do what we can to limit the ever increasing burden imposed by the federal government. Our Founding Fathers established a separation of powers not just among the three branches of the federal government, but between the federal government and the states as well. From time to time, it’s up to us to confirm that separation.

While Prop 122 won’t stop Congress from passing ill-conceived laws -- or the federal bureaucracy from creating ill-conceived rules and regulations -- it will protect Arizona taxpayers from having to pay for them out of our state and local government budgets.

If Washington wants to pass expensive new laws, they should accept the consequences and pay their own bills. Prop 122 is just common sense. I encourage all Arizonans to vote yes on 122.

Lynn Londen, Phoenix

What does Prop 122 do?

Prop 122 creates a clear, well defined way for Arizona to enforce a right it already has but never gets to use---that is, the right to stop its tax dollars being spent to implement federal law.

The Supreme Court has held in numerous cases that the federal government CANNOT commandeer the personnel of any state, nor force any state to spend its own money to implement federal programs. However, the only way for a state to enforce this right has been to engage in costly and lengthy litigation. For obvious reasons, this right has seldom been exercised. And like the proverbial octopus, the tentacles of federal laws have continued to take over the tax dollars of our state and local governments.

Prop 122 was passed by a bipartisan majority of the Arizona legislature to solve this problem. Prop 122 sets up a simple method to let the people of Arizona decide whether they wish to spend Arizona tax dollars on a federal program. This tool, while simple to understand, has built in safeguards. It will require the passage of legislation or a referendum of the people.

Federal law will still remain the supreme law of the land. However, our representatives in Washington will sometimes have to find funding other than our local tax dollars. For those who have spent too long living away from those they represent, reminding them who holds ultimate power under our Constitution can only be a good thing. Prop 122 is a great idea.

Randy Kendrick, Paradise Valley

Ballot Argument in Support of Proposition 122:

I support Prop 122 because Arizona needs to decide how it will best spend its own budget.   Many federal programs cost Arizona more than the state receives from the federal government.   Prop 122 creates a way for the state to evaluate these programs and determine what makes sense for Arizona’s taxpayers.  It won't stop Washington from passing new laws, rules and regulations, but it can at least force them to pay their own bills.

 I urge all Arizonans to vote yes on 122.

Doug Ducey, Arizona State Treasurer, Paradise Valley

Paid for by Yes on 122

As an Arizona Corporation Commissioner I do everything I can to keep your utility bills low. My job gets harder because of the new taxes and regulations that are coming from Washington D.C.

When I served in the Arizona Senate I fought for a congressional measure which would require legislation passed by Congress to cite those provisions of the U.S. Constitution that grants them the right to pass each law. I advocated for that bill because our Constitution was designed to protect our rights, not to expand Washington’s power.

I support Prop. 122 because you should not have to pay for mistakes and bad laws passed in Washington.

Brenda Burns, Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Former Senate President, Scottsdale

Paid for by Yes on 122

We support Prop 122 because we believe in the principle of federalism -- that the Framers were right to divide power between the federal governments and the states.

Prop 122 will allow Arizona to push back against federal government overreach by providing a mechanism through which we can decline to use state and local tax dollars to fund federal programs. We may not be able to stop Congress or federal bureaucrats from imposing new laws, rules or regulations, but under Prop 122 we will at least be able to make them pay for it themselves.

We enthusiastically support Prop 122 and hope others will joining us in supporting this important measure.

Karen and Bob Hobbs, Sr., Paradise Valley

Prop 122 defends Arizona’s families, empowers Arizona’s taxpayers, and protects Arizona’s budget from Washington politicians. Forget about the traditional political paradigm: right versus left, Republican versus Democrat, and conservative versus liberal. Prop 122 presents the very rare opportunity to support a measure that can, and should, unite all of us.

At its core, Prop 122 will empower Arizonans with the ability to decline using our valuable state and local tax dollars to enforce bad federal laws. For example, should the federal government move to close the Grand Canyon again, Prop 122 would make sure Washington would have to pay for this irresponsible policy, not Arizonans.

Arizona’s taxpayers are already overburdened. Arizona’s budget is already stretched to the max. We can’t afford additional hits to our state and local budgets caused by reckless politicians in Washington. Arizona needs Prop 122 in order to protect our private property rights and taxpayer’s wallets, as well as vital programs like education and public safety.

Prop 122 was referred to the ballot by a bipartisan majority of the Arizona Legislature. Now it’s our turn. Please join me in voting yes on Prop 122.

Andrew Walter, Candidate for United States Congress, Tempe

Like a lot of veterans I thought a lot about the day I joined the Army. I raised my right arm and swore I would protect and defend. I served in Iraq in 2006-2007 with soldiers from other countries. In those other countries they often swore allegiance to a person--like a queen, but the oath I swore wasn't to a person, but to protect and defend the Constitution.

The Constitution is just a collection of ideas that has kept us free from tyranny for over 200 years. The way it keeps us free is that it makes sure no one person or group has all the power. Whether you are liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, this document protects your rights. I support Prop 122 because I feel it is one more way to be check and a balance that will keep us free.

Jonathan Paton, former Arizona State Senator, Scottsdale

When it comes to your health and the health of your family, there is nothing more personal. You and your doctor know what’s best for you and your children. I oppose Obamacare because it puts bureaucrats in charge of your healthcare decisions. As a state representative I have worked hard on healthcare issues and I can tell you some of the most exciting and empowering policies and ideas are coming out of the states--not Washington D.C. I support Prop. 122 because you need to have the power over your healthcare not unelected bureaucrats in Washington.

State Representative Paul Boyer, Phoenix

Paid for by Yes on 122

I represent people in the West Valley. People in my district work hard every day. Many of them own small businesses. They worry about making payroll and keeping afloat in tough economic times. Since Obamacare passed, many of them worry about the regulations and the cost just to make ends meet. Prop. 122 can make things better for small business in Arizona. It gives Arizona a way to get out from under Obamacare and its regulations. That’s good for Arizona businesses and their workers. Please vote for Prop. 122

Debbie Lesko, AZ State Representative, District 21, Peoria

Paid for by Yes on 122

The US Constitution ensured our nation would have a federal government -- not a national one. A federal system creates a “dual sovereignty” whereby Washington and the states share in their powers. These state powers are well-enshrined in the 10th and 11th Amendments of the Constitution, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed that the federal government may not coerce the states into enforcing federal laws.

Our Founding Fathers knew it was the responsibility of the states to protect us from an ever-growing national government. As Alexander Hamilton put it, “It may safely be received as an axiom in our political system, that the State governments will, in all possible contingencies, afford complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the national authority.”

Prop. 122 is a reasonable and long-overdue tool to provide the states with some protection against federal overreach.

Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Bob Stump, Peoria

Paid for by Yes on 122

I think we can all agree that the federal government is out of control. Look at Obamacare, excessive EPA regulations, and the takeover of our automobile and financial industries. The forest service and EPA are driving many of my rancher and farmer constituents out of business. The federal government has their hands in every aspect of our lives.

I am a constitutional conservative who believes in lower taxes, less spending, small government and a secure border. As state senator, I’ve been working on beating back the ever growing hand of Washington. Proposition 122 gives us a powerful constitutional weapon to force Washington to abide by the Constitution. I urge you to support proposition 122..

Chester Crandell, Senator, Heber

Paid for by Yes on 122

Our U.S. Constitution is a remarkable document. The men who created it understood that if any one person had too much power they would eventually abuse it. They created checks and balances to make sure that never happened. Two hundred years later we see the power of the government has grown considerably. At times it feels like ordinary people don’t have a voice in how our laws are passed in Washington. I support Prop. 122 because it will give you a voice in Washington and be a check and a balance.

David Gowan, State Representative, Sierra Vista

Paid for by Yes on 122

I am a City Councilman in Peoria. We have to make tough choices to make sure we balance the budget without raising taxes. Recently I fought to get rid of Peoria’s food tax because it hurts working families. But that is not how the federal government operates. Congress spends more money than it takes in. I support Prop. 122 because it gives Arizona voters like you the power to stop Washington spending. It gives you the power to stop the federal government from using Arizona taxpayers to fund federal programs that make no sense. In November please vote for Prop. 122.

Tony Rivero, Peoria Councilmember, Peoria

Paid for by Yes on 122

I have long been a proponent of federalism and of the States using their 10th Amendment rights to protect the freedoms of their citizens. The states have a role in compelling the Federal government to stay within its constitutional limits. Prop 122 is simple to read and an effective tool to stop federal overreach.

T.J. Shope, State Representative, Coolidge

Paid for by Yes on 122

I have represented rural Arizona for a long time. During that time I have watched the federal government and out of control federal agencies pass laws, regualtions and policies that stop us from properly managing our own resources. These laws have stopped us from preventing devastating wildfires and put people out of work. Why should Arizona have to pay for bad decisions and bad policies in Washington? We don’t. I support Prop. 122, because local government--not Washington--governs best.

Navajo County Supervisor Sylvia Allen, Snowflake

Paid for by Yes on 122

I currently serve on the Arizona Corporation Commission and I have served as President of the Arizona Senate. My job these days is to look out for you, the ratepayer, by making sure there is energy every time you turn on your lights and that energy is as cheap as possible. When it comes to energy we want it to be reliable and affordable, but Washington does not work that way. They create policies that are not reliable, not affordable and in many cases do not make any sense. When you are elected at the state or local level, you see how issues effect real people every day. But bureaucrats in Washington never see the impact their decisions can have on working families. I support Prop. 122 because it forces the federal government to consider the impact their policies have on real people like you.

Robert L. Burns, Commissioner, Peoria

Paid for by Yes on 122

After Obamacare passed, many businesses in Arizona scaled back and laid off employees. The employer mandate in the law proved to be too expensive for them. We have had some tough economic times in Arizona, but we do have an option. Prop. 122 gives Arizona the chance to opt out of Obamacare. This will give Arizona businesses the ability to offer good paying jobs. We need to get back on our feet economically. Join me in voting for Prop. 122.

Shiree Verdone, Phoenix

Prop. 122 is less than a page long but gives the people of Arizona a powerful voice. Congress passes many laws every year. Some of the laws are good, but some of them are not practical or make no sense. While the Supreme Court has said these laws cannot be trumped by state law, the Supreme Court has said Arizona does not have an obligation to pay for them. Prop. 122 gives you or your representatives in the legislature the power to opt out of paying for things like Obamacare that hurt you and your family. I support Prop. 122 because I believe you should have a voice in how Arizona spends its money.

Rep. Justin Olson, Mesa

Paid for by Yes on 122

Rulemaking, not many of us outside the Washington beltway have heard of it before. It’s when Congress passes a broad brush bill; the details are always left to unelected bureaucrats in agencies, departments and offices we’ve never heard of to write. As they say, the Devil’s in the Details, and in this case those details, rulemaking, have the force of law; Laws that no elected representative of the people ever read or voted for. I’m supporting Proposition 122 because it will give Arizonans a way to push back and put in check federal over-reach. Whether that over-reach is about our roads in our forests, desert dust being called air-pollution, our child protective services not being able to do their jobs effectively, or a federal agency claiming regulatory authority over all of our water; Proposition 122 will give us a tool to push back. Federal programs may continue, but Arizonans will not be asked to pay for them. How many times have we been told that the border is a federal issue? And how much money is the border costing Arizona? Proposition 122 will allow Arizona to simply say “We’re not paying for that.” Last year in the Legislature I supported this measure and it was passed by BOTH sides of the isle in a historic bipartisan recognition of the problem and recognition of a solution. Why should Arizonans pay for bad federal law? Please join me on Election Day and vote YES on Prop. 122!!

Representative Brenda Barton, Chairman Agriculture and Water, Arizona House of Representatives, Payson

Paid for by Yes on 122

To all Arizona Voters -

If we do not defend our personal freedoms and State’s rights against the continued overreach of the Federal Government, we will not have any.  I have long been a proponent of Federalism and of the States using their 10th Amendment Rights to protect the freedoms of their citizens.  The States have a role and obligation in forcing Washington D.C. to follow the United States Constitution.

Prop 122 is a reasonable initiative that will help restore our personal freedoms.  This simply gives the people of Arizona the ability to resist the ever growing power of the Federal Government.  This gives us more power in the courts and encourages our politicians to fight back when the Federal Government goes too far.

Please join me in voting Yes on 122!

A. J. LaFaro, Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee, Tempe

Paid for by Yes on 122

Yuma County is one of the most important agricultural counties in America. We grow the food that feeds the world. The family farmers, vegetable shippers and producers and agribusinesses of Yuma increasingly have to deal with stifling federal regulations. We spend more and more time, resources and money dealing with the EPA, FDA and other federal agencies. That’s time and money that we could be using to grow and produce the vegetables and that your family will eat tonight for an affordable dinner. We also want to grow our industry, putting more Americans to work. Prop. 122 will help rural Arizona do that. I support Prop. 122 because it will be a way to remind Congress and the White House that local farmers and agribusinesses feed America and put people to work - not Washington.

Phil Townsend, Yuma

Did you know that when Child Protective Services botches an investigation and a child is killed, CPS isn’t held accountable? They hide behind a federal program called CAPTA and stonewall any inquiries. They won’t even give information to the legislature. Prop 122 can be used to force CPS to be transparent.

Bernadette Negrete, Peoria

Yes on 122. Yes for Arizona .

Washington, D.C. is 2,000 miles away from Arizona. The politicians we send there do not have regular contact with Arizonans--except during election season. Not surprisingly, Washington generates many federal laws and programs that make no sense for Arizona. Too often, Washington also pushes the envelope of what is constitutional.

Isn’t it time that Arizonans told Washington loud and clear that their state and local governments refuse to participate in the latest federal boondoggle or power grab?

That’s exactly what 122 does--it creates a simple, fully constitutional mechanism for Arizonans and the Arizona legislature to prevent their state and local tax dollars from serving federal priorities that make no sense for Arizona. If you don’t think your city, county or state agency should be spending your hard-earned local tax dollars working for the federal government on a given issue, 122 would give you and your state legislator the option of conveniently telling them to stop.

Although federal law is generally the law of the land, that does not mean Arizona’s state and local governments must pay for it. The Supreme Court has said repeatedly that state and local governments cannot be forced to implement federal programs using their own resources.

122 is issue neutral and therefore nonpartisan. All you have to do is agree that there are some federal programs that we should leave to the federal government to run alone, so that our state and local governments can focus on what they do best. And if the federal government can’t find the resources to support that program as a result...maybe, just maybe, Washington will listen more carefully to Arizonans.

Vote Yes on 122. Vote Yes for Arizona .

Nick Dranias, Phoenix

Thomas Jefferson said it most eloquently, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Jefferson also said the people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. All citizens must work to ensure our freedoms and our liberties are defended and protected. This happens when we actively participate in government at the local and state level. Ronald Regan knew this all too well and stated such in one of his first public addresses, “I believe we have distorted the balance of our government today by giving powers that were never intended to be given in the Constitution to that federal establishment.” To ensure the federal government does not act outside of the authority granted to it in Article 1 of the United States Constitution, the states must secure the proper method by which they may act upon their right to “agree to disagree” with unconstitutional actions committed by the federal government.

Daniel Castillo, Scottsdale

Every day unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC  make rules that adversely affect the lives and businesses of millions of Arizonans. What's worse, they make us pay for these rules with our state and local taxes, not the money we already send to the IRS.

Prop 122 would protect Arizona taxpayers by making the federal government pay for these things out of its own budget. I support Prop 122 because I believe that Washington should pay its own bills.

Marcus Huey, Phoenix

As a medical doctor, I am responsible for making decisions about my patients’ care that are in their best interest. However, many provisions of Obamacare interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, limiting options and placing control of some decisions in the hands of an unelected board with little oversight. Many of my colleagues are abandoning medicine, as they want to focus on patient care, not burdensome regulations and endless paperwork.

Prop 122 can change that. By empowering the people of Arizona to choose what is best for our state, Prop 122 would allow us to effectively opt out of the more onerous provisions of Obamacare. By limiting Washington’s ability to enforce bad laws in this manner, preventing them from utilizing our tax dollars and personnel, we return more power to the people of Arizona. For me that’s a great thing, because I know better than politicians what is best for my patients.

Prop 122 will not allow us to defy any law we choose or to act in an unconstitutional manner. It simply provides the people of our state a legislative tool to limit abusive Federal power.

Jeff S. Maltzman, MD, FACS, Tucson


Americans of all political stripes are alarmed at just how much the federal government has been inserting itself into our personal lives lately, by imposing regulations and mandates on states and communities, preempting the role and authority of our state and local governments in the process. We have strayed far from the vision upon which our country was founded. Our founders understood that the government closest to the people, state and local government, is best suited to deal with the great majority of issues governments must address--not some distant, detached government in Washington.

Proposition 122 finally returns some leverage to the people. Prop. 122 will make certain that no funds from the state or local treasuries may be used to implement federally imposed mandates and regulations if the people are opposed to it--as expressed through the legislature or popular referendum. It lets people on the local level push back when an intrusive federal government imposes an unpopular mandate by saying. “If you demand it, you pay for it. We won’t.”

Prop. 122 helps state and local communities reassert their proper role in our federal system of checks and balances. This is good for all people, regardless of political viewpoint. That’s why a bipartisan majority of the legislature came together to put Prop.122 on the ballot.

Vote YES on Prop. 122. It’s Common Sense.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer, Phoenix

Prop 122 will protect Arizona taxpayers by forcing the federal government to pay its own bills. Whether the issue is healthcare, welfare, or immigration, Congress likes to pass far reaching laws only to leave enforcement -- and enormous costs -- up to the states.

When state and federal laws conflict, the courts generally favor the federal law. But that doesn't mean the states have to pay for the enforcement and implementation of federal laws out of their state and local budgets. Arizona and its counties, cities and towns have better things to do with their money than complying with endless federal mandates.

Travis Junion, Scottsdale

I fully support prop 122 because I do not believe that the federal government should be able to use our state’s tax dollars to fund federal laws that are not relevant to Arizona. We should use our funds on important issues that will benefit us. Prop 122 is good for our tax payers because it creates a separation of power to better our cities and state without the government sticking their hands in our pockets and taking our hard earned money. The federal government shouldn’t be passing new laws and regulations if they don’t have the funds to support them.

Matt McNeil, Phoenix

Taxes. We all pay them. We all hate them. Prop 122 will bring relief to the people; who are working harder and seeing more taken from their paychecks each passing cycle. Washington spends its tax revenues on countless projects and endeavors no matter how ill-conceived they may be. Prop 122 will allow Arizona taxpayers to choose not to send their tax dollars to Washington for projects they deem unnecessary.

Prop 122 will at least protect the citizens of Arizona from the most pointless, and thus worse taxes, and at best will save the Arizona taxpayers billions. Simply placing more money into the hands of our great citizens will further stimulate the economy and promote further growth in Arizona. Making the lives of its citizens better should be a goal for every government. Giving the people more choice and less taxes is an easy way to achieve this goal.

David Huffman, Tempe

The proper separation of powers between branches of government--at all levels, federal, state, tribal, municipal, and local--is a concept as old as our republic. The encroaching might of federal power continues to cost Arizona--and all states--dearly. While there have been instances where federal action has been necessary to counter the unconstitutional actions of some states, most notably during the civil rights struggles of the 1940s-1960s, the federal government was intended by our nation’s founders to be a partner with the various states. The intention was never for the federal government to reign as solely supreme, especially with regard to domestic matters.

The past four decades have witnessed increasing encroachment of federal action into the day-to-day business of the state of Arizona. The federal government pulls increasingly powerful purse strings over education, transportation, land use, business development and investment, commerce, and, of course, with regard to the border region with Mexico. The state of Arizona cannot be a party to federal actions and unfunded mandates which violate the sovereignty and legal purview of the citizens of Arizona.

Passage of Prop 122 is important for the people of Arizona to send the message to Washington that enforcement of bad federal law will not be funded with state dollars.

Scott D. Kirtley, Chief Warrnat Officer Three (Retired), Maricopa

I think we’re all frustrated with how little say we have in what goes on in government. Politicians just aren’t listening any more.  This has been a problem under both Republicans and Democrats.  Prop 122 gives us back our political voice and helps us control where are tax dollars are spent.

Lora S. Wolkos, Phoenix

Prop 122 gives Arizonans the opportunity to determine how our limited monies are spent rather than the partisan whims of lawmakers 2500 miles away. If politicians had to consider how a particular measure was going to be paid for and not just how good it is for their respective party, maybe they would have to give it more thought.

Craig Coburn, Anthem

I was happy with my insurance. I was happy with my doctor. If the goal was to get coverage for the 10% of the population that didn’t have insurance, why did we have to knock the other 90% off their plans? I’m supporting Prop 122 because people need to have choices....not government mandates.

Jared Mays, Peoria

As a resident of Arizona, I support Prop 122 because I believe that a government that is housed 2,000 miles away may not know what is best for the state and its occupants. Even though the laws that these men and women write and pass can preempt state law, this proposition will allow Arizonans the opportunity to refuse using state taxes to enforce federal laws that could be harmful to us.

We need to take this opportunity to give back residents of Arizona some of the control over the federal government that is rightfully ours. The government is here to protect us, we are not here to fund the government and support its harmful decisions.

Prop 122 is something every person living in the state of Arizona can get behind. This is why I am voting yes on 122 and yes for Arizona.

Grace Funk, Scottsdale

Prop 122 follows in the footsteps of similar, successful legislation enacted by over 30 other states. It protects and advances our state by proclaiming, “we believe in the powers delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution AND we believe in the rights reserved to the States by that very same Constitution.”

Quite simply, Prop 122 gives our state government the right to pass a bill or state law that prohibits the use of state resources to administer Federal programs which run far beyond Washington’s constitutionally delegated powers. Prop 122 says. “enough is enough” when it comes to exorbitant Federal spending on their ever expanding programs and laws that do nothing more than continually consolidate power and wealth in Washington. Prop 122 does what the Federal government is not doing: it is putting the breaks on spending and helping Arizona keep a balanced and prudent budget.

Even the framers of the Constitution acknowledged that “it is at all times difficult to draw with precision the line between those (states) rights which must be surrendered, and those which must be reserved.” But the time is now for the people of Arizona to pass this proposition and draw this line, to ensure that the Federal government does not.

Peter S. Puccia, Phoenix

We are trying to shrink the size of government in the state legislature but our hands are often tied by federal mandates. These federal programs frequently cost Arizona more than the state receives from Washington. Even worse, the federal government constantly makes side deals with city and state agencies to sidestep the legislature entirely. We need Prop 122 to stop these backroom deals and restore fiscal sanity in the state.

John D. Rhodes, Safford

Vote “Yes” on Proposition 122

Approval (ratification), of “Prop” 122 will give Arizonans the ability to reject use of our state and/or local tax dollars to manage federal laws, which more than likely were impractical to start with.

As it stands now, the federal government, through the Supreme Court, can supersede state law (at will) and we in Arizona must pay the price. Forcing our state to “pay the bill” for the feds can’t be our only option! Arizona Tax Payers should not have to supplement more and more tax money or dip into state funds, to comply with ill-slated schemes and notions thrust on us through unfeasible laws, exampled by the federal government closing the Grand Canyon this past year.

“Prop 122” gives Arizonans a voice to contend; “the federal government has to pay with “federal” money and “federal” employees to re-open the Grand Canyon should Federal law shut it down.”

The federal government closed the Grand Canyon then forced the State of Arizona to negotiate a “partial” re-opening of the Grand Canyon, costing Arizona $93,000 a day without a guarantee of reimbursement. The state risked losing a $1,000,000 a day in that they would have to turn away 18,000 visitors a day. This has to be considered intimidation or worse yet; an extortion scheme?

“Prop 122”, gives Arizona control of state dollars when complying with federal mandates.

Simply put; if you go to a drive-through burger place, you pay (in advance) at the first window and then receive your food at the second window. If, before you arrive at the second window, your burger place closes “at will”, what upfront charge would you be willing to pay to re-open the restaurant in order to enjoy the food you already paid for?

Carl and Judith Anderson, Florence

Many of us complain that politicians on both sides of the isle are out of touch and often enact laws that seem to lack common sense or are even harmful in some ways, particularly lawmakers in Washington, D.C. At times the local tax paying citizen’s voice is lost over the agendas of national politics. Arizonans now have an opportunity to make a change through a grass roots effort that is being spearheaded by local citizens.

Proposition 122 is an historic amendment to the Arizona State Constitution that is simple and in only a few words, will empower all our Arizona legislators to review, debate and implement only those Federal policies that are deemed beneficial for Arizonans.   Prop 122 can make a huge impact in turning back some of the unpopular laws forced upon us by Washington bureaucrats. It builds upon multiple Supreme Court rulings (Printz v. United States, New York v. United States, NFIB v. Sebelius) that proclaim the Federal government cannot force or decree how we spend Arizona State tax dollars or how we use other State resources.

Prop 122 has been approved by the Arizona legislators and is supported by representatives on both sides of the isle. The hard work is completed; all that remains is for our local citizens to cast a vote in favor of Prop 122. I strongly urge you to take this historic opportunity to let your voice be heard and VOTE YES on Prop 122.

Steve Goumas, Tempe


WOULD YOU let a stranger have access to YOUR bank account?? WOULD YOU let someone else spend YOUR MONEY anyway they wanted to? 

Or would you like to decide WHEN and WHERE your money goes? 

THAT’S WHAT PROP. 122 is all about. Giving ARIZONA control of THEIR OWN MONEY instead of the FEDERAL government and Politicians in Washington spending it for you. The federal government already spends its tax taxes, they shouldn’t control your STATE TAXES.      

Prop. 122 puts YOU, the ARIZONA VOTER, back in the drivers seat. YOU decide what gets spent and what doesn’t. 

I urge YOU , the Arizona voter, to have YOUR VOICE HEARD .

IT’S TIME  for “WE the PEOPLE”.

VOTE YES on Prop. 122 

Scott Olsen, Glendale

We must send a message to Washington bureaucrats that they cannot expect for state and local entities to continue footing the bill for cumbersome federal policy. Congress and government agencies should be spending more time and resources on resolving national issues like true solutions for immigration reform and less resources on governing state standards concerning education and the environment. The federal government has the authority to pass any law they so choose, but the state of Arizona also has the right to opt out of using its own state tax revenue to pay for laws devoid of common sense. Voting Yes on 122 will offer an important protection for Arizonans by allowing voters a process by which to reject state funding of bad federal laws. Common sense solutions work for Arizona.

Augustine Bartning, Phoenix

Less spending means more freedom

Vote Yes On 122!!! Why can’t I live my life without the government telling me what to do at every turn? We need a little less government and a little more freedom. Prop 122 will stop some of these nanny state programs that tell us what food we can serve our kids and what health decisions we have to make. After 40 years of living, I think I can make some decisions for myself. Prop 122 puts us back in control of our lives.

David Bashaw, Gilbert

Prop. 122 finally gives ordinary people in Arizona a real voice in the laws the federal government passes. For the longest time Republicans and Democrats in Washington have passed laws that hurt ordinary citizens. We send the different politicians to Washington, but nothing changes. But Prop. 122 can change things because it gives every Arizona voter the chance to decide whether the State of Arizona will fund a program like Obamacare, for example. I urge Arizona voters to take the opportunity to be heard in the halls of Congress and in the White House. Vote yes on Prop. 122.

Rebecca Rolfe, Phoenix

Yes on 122. Yes for Common Sense.

When the founding fathers convened with the intention of outlining a system of government for our new nation, one of the most important issues was the preservation of state’s rights. It was understood that the Articles of Confederation didn’t provide the national government sufficient power to govern, but it was recognized that this deficiency couldn’t be overcome by sacrificing state sovereignty.

Over time the federal government has grown in strength and, while technically operating within the bounds of the constitution, Congress has slowly diminished the role of local and state governments with manipulation of the tax system, unfunded mandates, and drastic spending legislation.

The federal government passes hundreds of laws each year which hard working Arizonans have funded, even when they don’t apply to our state, or our elected legislature doesn’t support or ratify them. The Supremacy Clause states that federal law supersedes state legislation, requiring us to adhere to the federal rules, but it doesn’t require us to use our hard-earned local tax dollars to do the work of the federal government.

Passing Prop 122 is an important step in restoring local control and giving Arizona residents a voice. We hold regular elections where we choose our state legislators and local elected officials because they represent us, it’s time the federal government respects our choices and puts decisions back in our hands.

Arizonans know Arizona best, and we should be allowed to choose how we spend our tax dollars, not the federal government.

Please join me in supporting Prop 122. It’s Common Sense and the right choice for Arizona.

Chris Tolino, Phoenix

Washington is out of touch. Every day we hear about a new scandal with the NSA, the IRS targeting political opponents, and kids being dropped off at bus stations. We’re also spending money that our kids will have to repay. Now Obamacare is forcing us to cut back our employees’ hours or go out of business. We need to stop this insanity. I strongly support this proposition and will be bringing my friends to the vote with me.

Danny Goldberg, Scottsdale

Thomas Jefferson stated “The government created by this compact [the US Constitution] was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers”

That is why the founders limited the Supremacy Clause to only those federal laws “in pursuance” of the US Constitution. All federal laws not in pursuance of the limited federal powers defined in the US Constitution are, by definition, not supreme and not laws at all.

The founding fathers knew that free elections, separation of powers, and the bill of rights were important protections to our liberties; but that the most important protection was the States themselves.

This is why the States would not ratify the Constitution until the 10th Amendment was added (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people). The most important of these rights is upholding the Constitution itself. The Constitution is not self-enforcing. It requires the constant vigilance by both the federal government and the States to keep us free.

Brian Kisil, Surprise

Children abandoned, neglected and abused--you see the headlines every day. Later you discover that Arizona Child Protective Services ( CPS ) had the opportunity to protect these kids, but failed to act. What you might not know is that bureaucrats use a federal program as an excuse not to reveal their mistakes. That’s right, they claim the federal government gives them the right to operate in secrecy without any accountability. This hurts Arizona children. That’s why I support Prop. 122. It will give the state a way to stop bureaucrats from being a part of any program that hides their mistakes. For the sake of accountability, transparency and child safety, I am asking you to vote for Prop. 122.

Patricia Hawkins, Phoenix

!!!!Keep the politicians accountable!!!!

The only thing politicians listen to is money. Prop 122 gives us the ability to hold our elected officials accountable. I’m voting yes to stop the crazy spending and return to some common sense. Let’s stop some of these stupid laws.

Vote Yes on 122!!!!

Kellie Graham, Phoenix

The government just doesn’t care any more. Children are being smuggled across our borders and dying in the desert because the administration keeps handing out free stuff to everyone. I’m voting YES on 122 because we need to stop this insane spending that’s making us welfare state magnet. Let’s take care of our veterans and failing schools before we spend money on every crazy federal program.

Shannon Warner, Peoria

I haven’t felt my vote mattered for a long time. I keep voting for the best candidates and I even call my representatives to try to keep them faithful to their promises. Despite my efforts, Washington is more out of touch than ever. They just keep spending our money on special interests and corporate welfare. We can stop this irresponsible behavior in our state. Vote YES on 122 and get our vote back.

Colette Johnson, Scottsdale

I will be voting Yes on Prop 122.

Every year, Congress passes new laws. Sometimes they pass good laws, but sometimes they pass bad laws. These laws affect us all from California to New York. When Congress passes a law that negatively affects our state, we have little recourse. The Supreme Court has held that federal law preempts state law, and this makes it challenging for states to fight back against bad federal legislation.

Prop 122 gives Arizona a way to fight back. Whereas the Supreme Court said we have to abide by federal law, they did not say that we are required to fund federal law. Prop 122 will provide Arizona with the ability to refuse to spend state and local tax dollars on federal law that we disagree with. Washington frequently makes mistakes. It’s time we stop paying for them.

I urge Arizona voters to vote Yes on Prop 122.

Adam Levy, Phoenix

The federal government is spending money like there’s no tomorrow. Just because Washington is broke, doesn’t mean we have to be. Proposition 122 restores some fiscal sanity and gives us a say in where we spend our tax money.

Vote YES For 122...let’s stop out of control spending

Nicole McGearthy, Phoenix

For far too long, Washington politicians have been treating states as their own private piggy banks. Congress passes unnecessary laws, and then tells the states that we have to pay for their pet projects. It is past time that Arizona has a mechanism which will allow Arizona citizens to refuse to shoulder the financial burden of unfunded and underfunded federal mandates. Proposition 122 will allow two pathways that will make it possible for the people of Arizona to stop the federal government from reaching into our state’s pocketbook. Vote yes on Proposition 122

Kathryn Townsend, Tucson

Proposition 122 - referred to the ballot by a bipartisan majority of the Arizona Legislature - is not about Republicans or Democrats. It’s a common sense idea that gives Arizonans control over how their state and local tax dollars are spent.

Each year Washington passes thousands of laws, rules and regulations that often must be enforced - and paid for - by state and local governments. Prop 122 gives Arizona a mechanism to push back and tell Washington to pay its own bills.

Prop 122 won’t stop Congress from passing bad laws, but it will help protect Arizona taxpayers who are already paying more than our fair share. I urge everyone to vote yes for Prop 122.

Heather Lauer, Phoenix

We’re broke. We can’t keep spending money on all of these government programs when we’re $17 trillion in debt and over $100 trillion in unfunded entitlements. We can’t keep spending and let our kids pay for it. I’m voting YES on this proposition because it gives us the ability to cut wasteful spending.

Donna Walker, Mesa

High taxes, wasteful spending, Obamacare--this is how Washington operates. What if we could change that? The federal government passes laws and then expects the states to enforce them. Arizona cannot trump federal law, but the state does not have to use its own resources to help Washington hurt our State. Prop. 122 gives all of us a chance to be heard. That’s why I support Prop. 122 and hope you will too.

Kevin Payne, Peoria

Paid for by Yes on 122

Thanks to the wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers, we have been blessed to live in the greatest nation the world has ever known. Recognizing that, if left unchecked, the federal government would naturally grow and freedom would naturally diminish, the Framers went out of their way to limit the scope of their new government’s power.

The authors of the Constitution sought to restrain the power of the federal government by creating checks and balances and reserving significant powers to the states. In spite of these efforts, however, the federal government has grown larger, more intrusive, and more powerful than the Framers could ever have imagined.

Today, Congress and the President not only pass laws that far exceed the scope of their enumerated powers, but they compel states and municipalities to pay for these laws out of their own state and local tax revenue.

If passed by the voters on November 4, Prop 122 will provide Arizona with a simple but powerful mechanism to push back against federal overreach. To put it simply, Prop 122 will allow Arizona - either through an act of the Legislature or a vote of the people - to make the federal government pay its own bills. It won’t stop Congress from passing bad laws or prevent federal bureaucrats from imposing onerous rules and regulations, but it will at least allow us to make them pay for these things out of their own budgets.

I encourage every Arizonan to vote Yes on 122.

Jess Yescalis, Phoenix

Vote Yes on Prop 122

You see it in the news every day--a big business gets a special deal or a tax break from the government you or I would never get. That is how Washington operates. Special favors for the big guys and more taxes and regulations for the rest of us. One of the big problems is that Washington wants to push these same policies on states like Arizona. I support Prop. 122 because I don’t think Arizona taxpayers should favor one business over another. If Washington bureaucrats want to waste money on expensive programs they should not use Arizona taxpayers to do it.

Scot Mussi, Executive Director, Arizona Free Enterprise Club, Phoenix

Paid for by Scot Mussi

Delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 feared an all-powerful federal government. They had just fought a bloody war to free themselves from the tyranny of the English King, and they weren’t about to risk their precious freedom on far-away bureaucrats who might try to centralize power and take away their rights. So, the Founders wrote a constitution that established a federal government with layers of checks and balances that would protect liberty and put chains on the power of the central government. The federal government was prohibited from exercising any powers NOT delegated to it, and the powers that WERE delegated to it were few and enumerated. Further, everyone understood that the powers held by the federal government were not powers that it assumed for itself but powers that were delegated to it by the states. The states were to be a check on the abuse of power by the federal government - that is, the states were to be watchful and rein in the federal government whenever it began to usurp authority not delegated to it.

Little by little over the last two centuries, the federal government has assumed more and more power that rightfully belongs to the states, and the states have not performed their proper role of checking abuses by the federal government. Onerous environmental regulations, control over education, using the IRS to target political opponents, mandating health care, writing laws via Executive orders, rewriting other laws passed by Congress, and bailing out private companies are just a few examples, and the list goes on and on. It’s time to recognize that a federal law that violates the U.S. Constitution is not a law at all. Prop 122 will strengthen Arizona’s effort to oppose federal violations of the Constitution. Vote “ YES ” on Prop 122.

Senator Russell Pearce, Former President of the Arizona State Senate, Former Chief Deputy for America's Toughest lawman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and Host of "The Russell Pearce Show" on KKNT-960 "The Patriot" in Phoenix, Mesa


NO on Proposition 122

I am opposed to Prop 122 for these reasons:

1. Protection of air, land, and water:  Pollution does not stop at state borders; federal laws and protections are necessary to reduce pollution across state borders.  Vote NO if you want a coordinated effort on clean air, clean water, and protection of endangered animals and plants.

2. Federal protection for public lands:  Federal public lands belong to all Americans. The way to change federal legislation is with our U.S. representatives not the Arizona legislature.   Federal laws are created by U.S. representatives and should promote the common good of all residents in all states. Vote NO if you believe we need federal policies such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act to protect our air, land, and water.

3. Cost to taxpayers:  This bill is clearly unconstitutional and challenges the separation of powers and the relationship between state and federal government which is the heart of the U.S. Constitution.  This bill would cost Arizona taxpayers much money, time, and energy in lawsuits.  It would also slow down efforts to enforce current environmental legislation such as Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act.  Vote NO if you do not want the state wasting money on lawsuits but rather enforcing laws that protect us all, our health and the health of our children and grandchildren.

Jeanne Devine, retired sociologist, grandmother, environmental activist, Tempe

Stop Legislature from Weakening Laws that Protect Our Air and Water

Vote “NO” on Proposition 122

Proposition 122 is a proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution that was referred to the ballot by the Arizona Legislature. It is another bad idea from a legislature that has promoted many outlandish and unconstitutional measures to ignore, undermine, weaken, and defund implementation of important federal laws, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Misleadingly wrapped in constitutional language, Proposition 122 would, if passed by voters, allow the Arizona Legislature to pass a bill to say these important laws are “unconstitutional.” Proposition 122 authorizes this despite the fact that these laws have been upheld by the courts and strongly supported by the people and despite the fact that they provide important protections for our air, water, wildlife, health, and economy.

Proposition 122 is contrary to the US Constitution and to common sense. The state legislature has already given Arizona a black-eye on both the local and national level - the last thing we need is another round of lawsuits or more actions that make Arizona look extreme and irresponsible. The fiscal impact to the state and the tax burden on state taxpayers could be significant.

We cannot afford to stand by and watch as protection after protection that safeguard our families is weakened or ignored. We clearly cannot trust the Arizona Legislature to clean up our air and water or to protect our wildlife or our health as it pursues extreme politics that most citizens do not support.

We urge all Arizonans to vote no on Proposition 122.

Elna Otter, Chairperson, Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter, Benson

Don Steuter, Conservation Chair, Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter, Phoenix

Paid for by Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter

Stop Legislative Power Grab on Arizona’s Wildlife!

Vote NO on Proposition 122

Unfortunately the Arizona Legislature’s war on wildlife did not end with the 2014 session. Instead lawmakers referred a measure to the ballot that could remove protection for our state’s wildlife and habitat. Proposition 122 would roll the clock back to the time before important federal laws were enacted, including the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Proposition 122 is a proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution that was referred to the ballot by the Arizona Legislature, which has a long history of advancing measures to weaken federal laws that protect wildlife, including the Endangered Species Act which was signed into law by President Nixon in 1973. Arizona has 37 species that are considered endangered or threatened, including Jaguars, Condors, Mexican gray wolves, and Desert Tortoises. Without this crucial federal law and funding, these animals would likely disappear from our state.

If Proposition 122 is passed by voters, it would grant authority for politicians to declare federal laws unconstitutional and to withhold staffing or resources for laws they don’t like. If this measure seems familiar, it’s because it is a repeat attempt by the legislature to take over our state’s wildlife and habitat. Lawmakers referred a similar proposition to the ballot in 2012, which voters defeated by a landslide 68% to 32% margin.

Arizona’s wildlife is held in trust for the benefit of all citizens. But despite their dismal track record, legislators want us to trust them to manage and protect our wildlife, water, and lands.

Tell the Arizona Legislature that our state’s wildlife belongs to citizens - not power-hungry politicians. Vote NO on Proposition 122.

Karen Michael, Peoria

The Arizona Legislature is at it again. Proposition 122, referred by the legislature, is another of its bad ideas. This proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution would give these legislators more power. If adopted by the voters, Arizona could pass a bill that would forbid the State from expending personnel and financial resources on any federal action that they do not agree with, including many important protections.

Arizona citizens strongly support laws that protect our air, water, wildlife, and environmental quality, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. Here in Pima County, the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan is a true public/private partnership developed by the community over the last decade. Rooted in the federal Endangered Species Act and currently in the final stages of development, efforts could be wasted if Proposition 122 is passed. Rare and unique Sonoran Desert plants and animals would be immediately threatened by irresponsible actions and inadequate protection if the State could refuse to implement federal laws. Residents and visitors alike treasure our natural environment and Arizona’s outdoors, and the negative economic impact could be significant.

We cannot let the State Legislature allow and promote damage to our air, water, wildlife and precious natural resources. We urge all Arizonans to vote NO on Proposition 122 .

Carolyn Campbell, Executive Director, Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, Tucson

Carianne Campbell, Board Member, Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, Tucson

Paid for by Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection

[SCR 1016]





A “yes” vote shall have the effect of allowing the state to restrict the state and all local governments from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with a federal action or program that is not consistent with the Constitution of the United States. The state’s authority is exercised if the state passes an initiative, referendum, bill, or pursues any other available legal remedy.


A “no” vote shall have the effect of retaining the current law relating to state and local governments and the Constitution of the United States.


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