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2016 General Election ~ November 08, 2016

General Election Results

Official Canvass of 2016 General Election Results

Unofficial Election Night Results

Hand Count Results

Precinct Level Results by County
(File formats supplied by county)

General Election Information

List of Candidates, Justices/Judges for Retention & Ballot Propositions

Publicity Pamphlet (English) (español)

Applications for Initiative, Referendum and Recall - 2016 Election Cycle

Maricopa County Polling Place Wait-Time Reduction Plan

General Election Voter Information

Why were the independent candidates not included on my ballot in the Primary Election?

An independent candidate who submits enough valid signatures to be nominated other than by primary is exempt from participating in the Primary Election (A.R.S. § 16-341). The primary election is reserved for candidates who belong to a recognized political party in the State of Arizona.

When will the Secretary of State officially declare the winners?

The Secretary of State will declare the winners of the election during the official state canvass, which is to be held on the fourth Monday following the General Election. For the 2016 General Election that day will be December 5, 2016.

Do I have to vote for every office on my ballot?

No, you do not have to vote for every office on your ballot. Your vote will be counted for each office that a vote was cast and all contests left blank will not be counted.