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2016 Presidential Preference Election ~ March 22, 2016

Presidential Preference Election Results

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PPE Candidate Information

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PPE Voter Information

What is a presidential preference election?

The PPE is a preference election, whereby registered voters of participating, recognized political parties cast their vote for who they prefer the Arizona delegates cast their vote for at their party's national convention.

Is the presidential preference election a primary?

No, the PPE is not a primary election. The primary election will be held on August 30, 2016 and will not contain presidential/vice presidential candidates. The PPE is strictly a preference election and the only candidates that will appear on this ballot are presidential nominees from their respective political parties.

Can independent voters cast a vote in the presidential preference election?

No, only voters registered with a participating political party may vote in the PPE.

Do all recognized parties participate in the presidential preference election?

They might, but not always. Participation is voluntary per the party's choice.

I'm on the permanent early voter list. Will I still get my early ballot for the presidential preference election?

Yes, if you are registered with a participating party you will automatically receive an early mail-in ballot if you are already signed up to receive an early ballot.

Will my polling place be the same for the presidential preference election as it is for all other elections?

Polling place locations are always subject to change, no matter what election is being held. For the PPE elections, polling places are consolidated.