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Arizona Administrative Code Subject Index

AAC TOC By Subject List
AZ539, Arizona's Education Savings Plan
Abortion Clinics, DHS
Accountants, CPAs and PAs
Acupuncture and acupuncturist
Acupuncture, relating to chiropractors
Administration, ADEQ
Administration, AHCCCS
Administration, DHS
Administrative Hearings
ADOA Administration
Adult Behavioral Health Therapeutic Homes, DHS
Adult Day Health Care Facilities, DHS
Adult Protective Services, DES
Advanced Practice Registered Nursing, APRN
Aging and Adult Administration, DES
Agricultural Councils and Commissions, Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Employment Relations Act
Agricultural Employment Relations Board
Agricultural Laboratory, State
Agriculture Unfair Labor Practices
Agriculture, Administration
Aids Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), DHS
Air Ambulance Service Licensing, DHS
Air Pollution Control, ADEQ
Alcohol Testing, DPS
ALS Base Hospitals, DHS
Ambulances, DHS
Animal Services, Agriculture
Appellate Service Administration, DES
Appraisal Management Companies
Appraisers, Real Estate
Aquatic Invasive Species
Aquifer Protection Permits, ADEQ
Arizona Criminal Justice Information System (ACJIS), DPS
Arizona Dental Sealant Program, DHS
Arizona Floride Mouthrinse Program, DHS
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Arizona Long-term Care System, AHCCCS
Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind, Facility Guidelines
Arrest Fingerprint Record Submission, DPS
Arts, Arizona Arts Endowment & Trust Funds
Assisted Living Facilities, DHS
Athlete, Athletic Training
Attorney General's Office, Department of Law
Audiologist Licensing, DHS
Auditor, State
Ballot Measures, SOS
Barber Schools
Barber Shops
Behavioral Health Examiners
Behavioral Health Inpatient Facilities, DHS
Behavioral Health Residential Facilities, DHS
Behavioral Health Respite Homes, DHS
Behavioral Health Services for Persons with Serious Mental Illness, AHCCCS
Behavioral Health Specialized Transitional Facilities, DHS
Benefit Services, State of Arizona
Birth Defects Monitoring Program, DHS
Birth Records, DHS
Blood Alcohol Analyst Permit, DPS
Board of Equalization
Boating and Water Sports
Boating and Watercraft in State Parks
Bottled Water, DHS
Breath Alcohol Operator Permit, DPS
Breath Alcohol Quality Assurance Specialist Permit, DPS
Breath Testing Instructor, DPS
Breath-testing Devices, DPS
Campgrounds, DHS
Campgrounds, State
Cancer Registry, DHS
Cash Assistance Program, DES
Certified Medication Assistant, CMA
Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA
Charter Schools
Child Care Facilities, DHS
Child Care Group Homes, DHS
Child Safety, Administration, Department of Child Safety
Children's Camps, DHS
Children's Health Insurance Program, AHCCCS
Children's Rehabilitative Services, DHS [Expired]
Citrus Fruit
Citrus Research Council, Arizona
Civil Rights (AG's Office)
Clean Water Fund
Collection Agencies
Commerce, ACA
Commerce, Arizona Commerce Authority
Commodity Development and Promotion
Communicable Diseases and Infestations, DHS
Concealed Weapons Permit, DPS
Corporations and Associations
Corrections, DOC
Cosmetology Salons
Cosmetology Schools
Cosmetology Students
Cotton Research and Protection Council, Arizona
Cotton, Department of Agriculture
Counseling Facilities, DHS
Credit Unions
Crime Victim Assistance Program
Crime Victim Compensation Program
Criminal History Records, DPS
Criminal Justice Enhancement Fund
Criminal Justice
Dairy and Dairy Products
Deaf, Hard of Hearing
Death Records, DHS
Debt Management Companies
Developmental Disabilities, DES
Dog (Greyhound) Racing
Domestic Violence Offender Treatment, DHS
Drinking Water Regulations, Primary and State, ADEQ
DUI Services, DHS
Economic Security, DES
Education, Achievement School Districts
Education, Board of Education, State
Education, Charter Schools, State Board for
Education, Postsecondary Education, Commission for
Education, Private Postsecondary Education, Board for
Education, Undergraduate and Graduate - Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR)
Elections, Ballot Arguments Publicity Pamphlet
Elections, Campaign Contributions
Elections, Citizens Clean Elections Commission
Electronic Notary, SOS
Electronic Signatures, SOS
Electronic Voter Registration, SOS
Emergency and Military Affairs
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Care Technicians (EMCT) Certification, DHS
Emergency Medical Services, DHS
Emergency Response
Employment and Training, DES
Environmental Laboratories, DHS
Environmental Services, Agriculture
Escrow Agents
Executive Clemency
Extremely Hazardous Chemical Reporting
Extremely Hazardous Substance (EHS) Reporting
Facilities Management Schools
Financial Institutions
Fingerprinting, Child Safety
Fingerprinting, Concealed Weapons Permits
Fire Code, State
Fire, Buildings and Safety
Department of Forestry and Fire Management
Firearms Safety Instructor, DPS
Fishing Licenses
Food Stamps (DES)
Food, Recreational, and Institutional Sanitation, DHS
Forensic Crime Laboratory
Fruits and Vegetables
Fuel Taxes, ADOT
Funeral Directors
Game and Fish
General Assistance Program, DES
General Services, ADOA
Geothermal Resources
Grain Research and Promotion Council, Arizona
Grand Canyon National Airport, ADOT
Greater Arizona Development Authority
Grievance System, AHCCCS
Groundwater Protection List, ADEQ
Group Homes for Individuals Who are Developmentally Disabled, DHS
Hate Crime Statistics, Reporting, DPS
Hazardous Waste Management, ADEQ
Health Care Institution Facility Data, DHS
Health Care Institutions: Licensing, DHS
Health Programs Services, DHS
Health Screening Laboratory Services, DHS
Healthcare Group Coverage, AHCCCS - Repealed
Hearing Aid Dispensers, DHS
Hearing Screening, DHS
Highway Beautification, Department of Transportation
Highway Encroachments and Permits, ADOT
Highway Traffic Control Devices, ADOT
HIV - Testing, DHS
Home Health Agencies, DHS
Homeopathic Medicine
Horse Racing
Hospitals, Licensing, DHS
Hotels, Motels and Tourist Courts, DHS
Housing, Manufactured
Hunting License, Permits, Tags
Iceberg Lettuce Research Council, Arizona
Immunizations Required for Attending Child Care or School, DHS
Incident and Arrest Reports, Obtaining, DPS
Information Services, GITA
Interstate Bank and Savings and Loan Association Act, Arizona
Intoxilyzers, DPS
Investment Management Act, Arizona
Investment Management
Job Training Partnership Act, JTPA
KidsCare II Program, AHCCCS
Laboratories, DHS
Land Department
Law Enforcement Merit System
Lead Levels in Blood, DHS
Leafy Greens Food Safety Committee
Library, State
Liquor Licensing
Livestock Inspection
Loan Originators
Loan Repayment, Health Services, DHS
Local Emergency Response Plan (LEPC)
Local Health Department Services, DHS
Martial Arts
Massage Licensing
Meat Inspection
Medical Assistants
Medical Assistants, Naturopathic
Medical Board
Medical Marijuana Debilitating Medical Conditions, DHS
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Dispensary Agents, DHS
Medical Marijuana Program, DHS
Medically Underserved Area Health Services, DHS
Medicare Cost Sharing Program, AHCCCS
Medicare Part D Prescription Coverage Extra Help Subsidy Program, AHCCCS
Midwife and Midwifery Licensing, DHS
Military Installation Fund
Mortgage Bankers, Commercial Mortgage Bankers
Mortgage Brokers
Motor Vehicles [Department of Transportation]
Motor Vehicles, Title, Registration, and Driver License [Department of Transportation]
Naturopathic Physicians
Newborn and Infant Screening, DHS
No Trespass Public Notice List, SOS
Non-criminal Justice Fingerprint Processing, DPS
Notary Public Commissions, SOS
Nursery Certification Program, Plant Services Division
Nursery Certification
Nursing Care Institutions, DHS
Occupational Therapy and Licensing
Office of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation, DES
Oil and Gas, Conservation
Older Americans Act, 42 U.S.C. 3001, DES
Opioid Poisoning
Opticians and Licensing
Optometry and Licensing
Oral Health, DHS
Osteopathic Examiners
Outpatient Surgical Centers, DHS
Outpatient Treatment Centers, DHS
Overdimensional Permits, ADOT
Oversize Special Permits, ADOT
Overweight Special Permits, ADOT
Pari-Mutuel Wagering
Park Fees and Permits
Parks, State
Parkways and Historic and Scenic Roads, ADOT
Peace Officers
Personnel System, ADOA
Pest Management
Pesticide Illness, DHS
Pesticides, Agricultural Use
Pharmacy Technicians
Physical Therapist License
Physical Therapy
Pipeline Safety
Plant Services, Agriculture
Pollution Prevention, Toxic Substances List
Postsecondary Education
Poultry Inspection
Power Plant and Transmission Line Committee
Prescription Medication Donation Program
Primary Care Provider Loan Repayment Program, DHS
Private Investigators, DPS
Procurement, State of Arizona
Professional Employer Organizations, SOS
Project ChalleNGe
Psychologist, Licensing and Regulation
Public and Semipublic Swimming Pools and Spas, ADEQ
Public Buildings Maintenance, ADOA
Public Drinking Water System, Capacity Development Requirements, ADEQ
Public Water System Design Review Fees
Rabies Control, DHS
Real Estate Licenses and Requirements
Recovery Care Centers, DHS
Regents, ABOR
Regulatory Review, Approval of Rulemakings, GRRC
Regulatory Review, Rule Expirations, GRRC
Rehabilitation Services
Remedial Action, ADEQ
Respiratory Care
Retirement, DPS
Rights of Way
Risk Management, ADOA
Risk Management, State of Arizona
Rulemaking, DES
Rules of Practice and Procedure, Corporation Commission
Rules on Rulemaking, SOS
Sanitarians, Registration, DHS
School Bus Safety, DPS
Schools of Naturopathic Medicine
Scrap Metal and Used Automotive Components, DPS
Secretary of State, SOS
Securities Act, Arizona
Security Guards, DPS
Security Guards, Hearings, DPS
Smoke-Free Arizona, DHS
Social Services, DES
Soil Remediation Standards, ADEQ
Solid Waste Management, ADEQ
Speech-language Pathologist Licensing, DHS
State Assistance Programs, DES
State Emergencies
State Fair
State Fire Safety Committee, fees
STD -Testing, DHS
Substance Abuse Transitional Facilties, DHS
Surgery, Office-Based Sedation
Survivor’s Benefits, DPS
Swimming Pools, Bathing Places, DHS
Tax Appeals
Taxes, Expired
Technical Registration
Telemarketers, SOS
The JOBS Program, DES
Third-party Programs, ADOT
Tobacco Programs, DHS
Tow Trucks, DPS
Traffic Accident Reports, Obtaining, DPS
Trailer Coach Parks, DHS
Trauma Centers, DHS
Trust Companies
Tuberculosis, DHS
Unclassified Health Care Institutions, DHS
Undergraduate and Graduate Education, ABOR
Underground Storage Tanks, ADEQ
Unemployment Insurance, DES
Veterans' Services, Arizona State Veteran Home
Vital Records, Administration, DHS
Water and Wastewater Facilities, Certification, ADEQ
Water Infrastructure
Water Pollution Control, ADEQ
Water Pollution Control, Pesticides, ADEQ
Water Quality Appeals
Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund Program, ADEQ
Water Quality Management Planning, ADEQ
Water Quality Protection Fees, ADEQ
Water Quality Standards, ADEQ
Water Resources, ADWR
Water Supply Development
Water, Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission, Arizona
Water, Safe Drinking, ADEQ
Weights and Measures Services
Weights and Measures, Transferred